Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter 12-Bye Cathy

That night around 5pm, I was released from the hospital. Turns out I was in Hypoglycemic shock, in which I got antibiotics for the next couple of weeks and a scheduled appointment. My mom wanted me to rest right away so she got me a wheel chair and rolled me to the car. She handed my phone, in which Alex recovered after I left. I plugged it into the car charger and turned it on, to see that I have over 200 messages! I'm surprised my phone didn't break. All the messages were from family, friends, and random fans, telling me to get better,etc. Austin did it again. I know Austin wanted to see me tonight, but the doctor told me I had to rest, no matter what. I wanted to text him, but then I'd have to go through all the texts, so I just called him. "Hello?" He said picking up the phone. "Hey, about tonight, I can't hangout. The doctor told me I had to rest no matter what. I'm REALLY sorry." I said. "It's ok, just listen so you can get better. I don't want anything else happening to you, I love you and i'll talk to you later." "I love you too." I said, hanging up the phone. I felt weird. Not like a sick type of weird, but emotional weird. Whats going on? I brushed it off as I got home because I was too tired to concentrate. But as I walked in the door, I saw my whole family standing there. They looked happy for me to be home, but also looked major depressed. I assumed it was something I did, not thinking about anyone else...except when I didn't see one of my Aunts, Cathy...

"Where's Auntie Cathy...?" I asked weirily

"She's...not here... She's gone." My Aunt Lily said.


"She's died yesterday, while you were in the hospital...I'm sorry, I know you and her were really close."Uncle Rich said.

My jaw dropped, my heart sank, and my eyes closed. Gone. And I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to her. All because I had to be in the stupid hospital. Why'd I have to be in the hospital. It's all my fault. I sprinted up to my room, not caring if I needed rest or not. I reached my room, and slammed the door behind me, not even turning on the lights. Cathy was like my second mom, but still an aunt. She gave me everything, took me everywhere, and was ALWAYS there, not matter what. When my mom was working, I'd call her for what I needed so i didn't bother her. Now she's gone. And I feel selfish because how does my mom feel...? Or my other aunts and uncles? I missed her already. But, I have to go downstairs, sometime. But all I felt like doing was crying. Out of nowhere, I felt someone touch me. I screamed and ran to turn on the lights.... It was Austin...sitting on my bed, listening to me cry, waiting. I saw different things everywhere. Balloons, stuffed animals, cards, signs, all from everyone I loved. I wanted to feel happy, but I couldn't.

"You scared me...alot." I said still crying.

"I'm sorry, I told your mom I was gonna be here, and thinking they were gonna tell you the news later, I waited to surprise you with all these things...but then I heard you crying and I just wanted to hold you..." He said. I sat there, still crying.

"Allie, death is hard, so it's ok to be like this. I'm here for you, and I won't leave." He said, kissing my head. 

The rest of then night I sat there crying in Austin's arms. I felt over dramatic, but I was also crying about everything that has happened in my life. The memories all started to come back. Dad dying in a car crash, loosing my best friend, having a boyfriend stolen, being bullied, having to sit an watch my family die of sadness, being an over-thinker, and being self concious. I felt starting to feel selfish of crying again, but that was the "over-thinker" talking. I finally stopped as I fell asleep, still in Austins arms.

  I woke up, with sun shining bright in my face, with Austin still around me. He stayed he all night, aww. And my mom actually let him. He finally woke up by the sun too, and gave me a sweet kiss good morning. He knew I didn't want to talk, so neither did he. He always had a way of knowing what I feel, like this type of connection that I can't even explain. I walked downstairs with him, over hearing that the funeral was in 2 days. I didn't even put my input in, but I wanted to sing there, no matter what, because Cathy only really knew about my signing talents.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 11-Remember when?

I walked up to Austin. It was the first time I looked into his eyes since he kissed her, and I saw his pain and he saw mine, especially because I was still a little bit teared up.
  "You looked at me, with...those eyes. Those eyes I fell in love with. But I know you're crying." He said, lifting my chin.
  "I am, now tell me what happened." I demanded.
  "I went inside and showed Molly where my mom was, but then my mom kept me there to talk. Then I went and got a drink from the fridge, and as soon as I was walking to the door, Molly grabbed me. She started kissing me, but then I pulled her off. You walked in just as she tried to kiss me again."
  "That's it...? Okay?" He asked.
I found myself running out of breath, and I soon became dizzy. My world became haizy.
  "No, someone call for help." I said panicing with not that much breath to spare/.
  "Whats wrong????" Alex said.
  "I'm dizzy and I can't breathe. Hurry." I said.
Before I knew it, I blacked out. I woke up to find myself in a hosptial bed, surrounded with flowers and IV's. At first, I had no clue where I was, but then I remebered. As soon as I went to yell for someone, I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I looked slightly to the side, and saw Austin dressed in the same clothes as I remebered, with his hat covering his face. I shifted over a little bit closer to Austin and he sprung awake.
  "Whoa, whaaa...?" He said, thinking someone woke him up.
I layed there with my eyes shut, pretending I was sleeping.
  "I know you're awake, you just don't want to talk. So i'll talk." Austin said.
  "What if I want to talk?" I said in a soft, weak tone.
  "Then talk, I'm all ears, always."
  "When I saw you kissing Molly, I knew it was her fault. But it didn't make me any less upset. Do you know why I started running? It was because, if anything bad happened, I could leave quickly. And that came in handy today, or yesterday. What's today?"
  "Sunday, so it was yesterday."
  "Ok, so yesterday. Then while I stopped to cry even more, Alex came by me. He showed me a note at the you. It made cry even more because it seemed like I was letting you go. I don't want to let you go, but the more I let go, the more you let go, or as it seems...I don't know, I'm still a little funny in the brain."
  "I won't ever let you go, so please don't let go. Molly can't come in between us, especially because you punched her pretty hard. Listen... I hate messing up, so if I mess up again, I'll fully understand, like I do this time. But I still never want to loose you like I said a year ago. Remeber that video? I wish I could do that again. Actually...."
Before I could say anything, Austin pulled out a flip camera and started recording.
  "Hey guys, I'm in the hospital with my bestfriend / girlfriend, Allie, or I still hope. Let me tell you the story. Yesterday my ex girlfriend came over, and kissed me. Yes, it may sound like i'm a cheater, but I didn't want to kiss her, but Allie was surely mad. My friend Alex showed her how much I love her, so thanks bro. Then Molly confronted her, and tried to beat her up, but Allie smacked the crap out of her. We tried talking but she got dizzy and was loosing breath so she had to be taken to the hospital. Ever since she said called for help, I've been praying to God for her to be ok, and luckly, she is. Thank you God for letting her be ok, and giving her a chance to tell her the truth and how sorry I am, etc. And now I have to talk to her alone, but I just wanted to share my thankfulness and love. Thanks for watching guys, it means alot."
I was touched, I wanted to start crying but I didn't think I had any tears left. Screw Molly, I can love who I want and she can't stop me. This is my life. 
Out of the very few words, I said, "I love you Austin."
He bent over, and hugged me. He nussled his face by mine and kissed me.
  "Get well soon babe...i'll see you tonight when you get home. I love you more than you will ever know." He said with that tone of voice that made me feel all warm inside. He took one last look at me while walking out of my room, smiling bigger than ever.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chapter 10-I'm Sorry Bailey.

I heard Alex talking to Austin; and I kinda made that obvious. But I decided I needed some girl time so I called my friend Bailey to hang out at my house. She only lived a couple streets down so I decided to meet up with her halfway so we could just talk.
  I went outside to see Austin and Alex still talking, but I decided to turn the other cheek and keep walking. I heard Austin scream out my name a couple times, but ignored it. Then I saw some girl come up infront of me, it was Molly.
"Hey hunn, boyfriend-less now? Aww, sorry sweetie, I guess it wasn't meant to be." Molly said.
"Yeah it wasn't, because stupid you had to ruin it, so just get out of my way." I said.
I tried to walk away but Molly just pushed me back. I saw Bailey in the distance so I screamed for her to come help. She sprinted over.
"How do you think you are Miss Molly Fitz trying to beat up my bestfriend and trying to steal her boyfriend?" Bailey said, confronting Molly face to face.
"He was my boyfriend first, so I think I deserve him more. But if I can't have him, noone can." Molly said, pushing me again.
I couldn't help myself. I took one step and punched Molly right in the face, knocking her down. I heard Bailey scream for help but I was so angry at Molly, I was focused on beating her numb.
"Allie!! Stop!!" Austin said, grabbing me.
"Let go of me!" I said, elbowing him right in the stomach.
As soon as he let me go, Bailey threw a punch, but I dodged it. Quickly, Alex grabbed me and pulled me off to the side, while Austin grabbed Molly.
"Aren't you gonna kiss her again Austie? You have her in your arms." I said in a furious tone.
Molly puckered her lips.
"No, I'm not. I never wanted to. Will you just listen to me?" Austin said.
"Whatever." I replied.
"Alex, will you please talk to her? After all, she listens to you."
"What's that supposed to mean!?!?" I said, angered, ready to throw another punch. But then I stopped. Now all I could think about is putting Bailey threw this.
"Bailey, i'll call you later, when we'll hang, but can you go home so I can straighten things out?" I said.
"Yeah, I understand, I'll see you girly." She replied, then ran home.
Alex started talking to me, but I wasn't listening. I wanted to talk to Austin, alone.

Chapter 9- Oh that boy

"Allie...?" Alex said looking at me, right in the eyes.
"What...?" I said, still crying.
"Why are you crying?"
"Your stupid bestfriend. Thats why."
"Austin? What'd he do?"
"Kissed Molly."
"Molly Fitz? His ex?" Alex said confused.
"Yeah, whatever her name is. I don't really care, all I care about is he kissed her." I said, still balling my eyes out.
Alex finally sat down next to me.
"Hey, look up." Alex said to me, lifting my chin up.
"Why?" I said with tears everywhere.
"Because... It doesn't seem like Austin to do something like that. He always talks about how amazing you are. That's weird, and rude."
"Well he was in there for 10 minutes; they could've been kissing all that time. So, I'm done."
Alex stood up, "come on." He said, taking my hand.
"Where? No, I don't want anyone to see me like this."
He didn't care, and he helped me stand up. He  walked with me until we got to the park.
"This is where we went that day we hung out....Why'd you take me here?" I said.
"Because I want you to see this. He told  me about it a couple days ago." Alex replied.
I knew he was talking about Austin, I tried to walk away but he took me by the hand, and walked me under the slide.
"Look at that." He said.
It was a note, from Austin. It said that he'd love me no matter what, forever. But that still didn't change my mind.
"I don't care... I know you're trying to help me, but it's not really going to help." I said.
"It's ok..." He said in a shy tone.
We started walking and got back to my house, when Austin was outside. Of course, I quickly thanked Alex and sprinted inside so Austin couldn't talk to me.
"Hey man, you really hurt her, she hasn't stopped crying even once." Alex said to Austin.
"Molly kissed me dude!" Austin replied.
"Why were you in there for 10 minutes then? It couldn't of took that long to find your mom."
"Well I showed her where my mom was, them my mom wanted to talk to me. After that I was going to get something to drink, she grabbed me and kissed me. I pushed her off but then she kept trying to kiss me. And of course, Allie had to come in right as she started kissing me again."
"Well...I don't think Allie's going to forgive this time." Alex said hesitantly

Chapter 8-Molly, Oh Molly

It's a year later and Austin and I are still going strong. We started singing together more and reached up to 1 million subscribers on Youtube. Austin and I were all good...untill the day molly showed up.
"!" Molly said.
"Oh my god, Molly..." Austin said in a low tone of voice.
"Oh Austie? Wanna tell me who this is?" I said in a very pissed off voice.
"I'm only the best girlfriend Austin has ever had. You missed alot when he dumped you a friend. Hahaha." Molly said in a snotty tone of voice.
"Excuseee me? And oh gee, thanks." I said in a pissed off tone.
"You were not the best. And i made a big mistake with not talking to Allie. Plus, you only liked me because I'm "hot and famous"." He said.
"Whatever. Wheres your mom? My mom sent here to give her something." Molly said.
"In the house." Austin said hestiantly.
I sat there in silence with Austin untill Molly came out again.
"I couldn't find her. Can you show me?" Molly said.
"Whatever, sure." Austin said.
After about 10 minutes of sitting there waiting for Austin, I go inside to check for him. Right as i walk in a see Molly kissing Austin.
"HOW COULD YOU?" I screamed while crying.
"But Allie!!!!!!" Austin screamed.
I sprinted out of the house, slamming the door behind me. Austin was chasing after me but I didn't care. I went into my house, ran up to my room, and locked the door. About a minute after I heard a knock on the door.
"Go away!!!!!" I screamed with tears all along my face.
"No." A voice said.
It was Austin's voice. I could tell; but it didn't sound entirely like him. He sounded...stuffy. He was crying.
I've hard that if a girl cries about a boy; shes really upset; and if a boy cries about a girl; it means she's the only one for her. But that didn't stop me from crying or want to forgive him.
"Go away now!! What makes think I want to talk to you?? You were kissing Molly! While we were dating! How could you." I said.
"She kissed me! I'm sorry!" He said.
"Mhmm...thats what they all say. Your apoligizies won't work anymore. I thought loosing you back then was hard...but now its even worse. So go away, I'm never opening this door up for you ever again. Go.Home."
There was silence, hoping he left, I opened the door and ran into the bathroom so that my mom wouldn't see me. I turned on the light and saw Austin. As soon as I went to grab the doorknob, he grabbed my hand and stopped me.
"Let me go!!!  Get your stupid hand off me. Don't ever touch me again" I said.
As soon as he let go, I opened the door and sprinted outside, thank goodness I'm a good runner, so ran all the way to the stop sign a couple streets down, when i finally had to stop to get some air. Wondering if he was behind me, I went behind a big line of pine trees. Shocked, I found a fort that Austin and I made when we were little, which made me cry even more. I heard foot steps on the concrete and turned around, it was Alex.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chapter 7- All along?

  "I have to tell you something honestly..." Austin said.
  "Ok, what is it." I said worried.
  "I stopped talking to you because I liked you. I didn't want to ruin our friendship so...yeah. I feel bad though, and I just wanted to tell you. But I don't want this to ruin our friendship again, so will you promise to always be my best friend?"
  "Its ok... I promise. Best friends, forever." I said, and honestly it was ok. I guess I'm so in love with this guy it doesn't even matter.
 Soon enough, i got a text from my mom saying to come home for dinner. While we were walking down the stairs, Austin held my waist like you would see in the movies. When we reached the bottom of the steps, we both faced each other. Is he going to kiss me? What should I do? I wonder if he's just as in love with me as i am with him. With my thoughts over flowing me as usual, Austin gave me a hug and kissed me. Could it be anymore perfect? 
  Smiling, I ran out the door because my mom kept sending me texts, annoyed.
I got home and ate sloppy Joe's, my favorite! Then it was about time to go to bed, so I ran up the steps, turned on my laptop, and went on twitter. I gave up on facebook because nobody went on that I talked to. Scrolling down my timeline, I see fans of Austin, threatening me. What did I do wrong??
 After I saw all of that, I called Austin and told him. He was online too so he knew what was going on.
  "Don't worry, they can't do anything, they just all want to be my girlfriend." Austin said.
  Angered, I replied, "Ohh, so you think they all want to be your girlfriend? Your acting just like you were in 6th grade."
I hung up before Austin could finished. He kept texting and calling me until he finally gave up. A few hours later, I noticed Austin posted something on YouTube titled "I'm sorry." Interested, I clicked on it, wondering if it was about me. It said...
  "Hey YouTubers. I know you were all probably expecting a new cover tonight, but that's not why I'm here. Recently on Twitter and Facebook, you've all noticed I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Allie, and she's my best friend. Today she called me and said you guys were threatening her. I have to say, if your true Mahomies, you'd be happy for me, especially because she's a great girl. She doesn't deserve to be treated this way. And Allie, if your watching this, I'm sorry for how I've acted, because that was the wrong thing to say. You're my best friend and I never, ever, want to loose you. I'm sorry for not being there for you in 6th through 8th grade And honestly, I love you, both ways. It may sound corny, but we know so much about each other that no one else knows. I can be myself around you, you're truly amazing, and beautiful. I wanted to say this in person, but my mom wouldn't let me leave the house. To all my fans, I love you all so much, but some of you are going to have to accept that I really like this girl and I don't want to screw it up. Bye guys."
 I started tearing up. This is about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, and when it came from Austin, it made me love him even more. I had to apologize and thank him.
 It started raining, but I didn't care. I ran into the garage, grabbed a basketball, and rang his doorbell. His mom came out and said that Austin wasn't feeling well, but I asked to come in anyways. I went up to his room and knocked on his door.
  "Mom, I don't want to talk." Austin said in a demanding voice.
  "What if it wasn't your mom...?" I said.
Austin opened the door. "You still want to talk to me...? You sounded angry on the phone."
 "Check your latest YouTube comments."
 There he found my comment, liked by 303 people, saying how that was the sweetest thing some has ever said to me. It also explained how I felt and then some. He scrolled down and found all his fans saying sorry and saying nice things about me.
  "So...your not mad?" Austin said looking at me with puppy dog eyes.
  "How can i be mad when you said the nicest thing in the world?" I replied.
  "I guess you can't..." Austin said smiling.
I couldn't resist, so I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, returning a smile.
  "I'm sorry for freaking out. Wanna play some basketball? I brought one over."
 We went outside in the rain and horsed around like old times, and this time, I didn't get hit in the face. Out of nowhere, Austin came up next to get and gave me a kiss. I always remembering him saying that kissing in the rain was super romantic, which made me smile even more.

Chapter 6-If a doors locked, bust it open

After the accident, we decided to go inside and chill. We went into Austin's room and played an intense game of zombies in Black Ops, in which we powned. Soon after we finished our game, Alex had to go home because of dinner. It was my chance. Tell Austin how you really feel, i kept saying to myself. It was the perfect chance.
  "Hey Austin?" I said cautiously
  "Yeah?" He replied.
  "Do you ever think about me more than a friend?"
  "I'm not gonna lie here..but, yeah...Do you?" He said shyly.
  "Yeah..." I said.
So here we are...saying we like each other, but not doing anything about it? I wish he'd make the first move. I have to say something before he thinks I'm changing my mind or something.
  "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He said in a low whisper.
  Looking him straight in the eyes, I say, "You don't know how long I've waited for that."
   " that a yes?" He said, looking up at me with a smile nobody can resist.
Finally, he's my boyfriend. I hope this never ruins our friendship, even though I've liked him all this time...
  "But Allie, I need to tell you something..."
  "What...? What'd I do...?"